What Patients are Saying about Mid City TMS

What Patients are Saying about Mid City TMS

At Mid City TMS, from managing anxiety to treating depression, our TMS treatments have proven to be extremely effective at helping people overcome depression. Here is feedback we have received from patients who have received treatment at Mid City TMS.

Real Questions. Real Answers. Real Results with TMS.


In what way(s) do you think your TMS treatments have improved your mood, depression, or day-to-day life?

TMS has definitely improved my mood on the whole. I think making the decision to pursue treatment and stick with it have allowed a host of other changes which have helped me feel like I am headed in a positive direction, and I am feeling excited for what comes next.”

“My baseline alertness and energy are much improved. I’m more optimistic and determined and willing to try things. I am more comfortable saying yes to things and being away from home for longer periods.”

“My depression has completely subsided. My mood is consistent and mood swings have become very rare. Big decrease in irritability as well as anxiety.”

“I feel a bit more hopeful and have more moments of joy.”

Positive impact on mood and sleep, more limited on suicidal ideation and thoughts of self-loathing.”


Key Takeaway: TMS, and specifically Dr. Bruno, have an astounding success rate, substantially reducing symptoms of depression in over ⅔ of patients.


What would you tell patients who are considering TMS treatment for their depression?

“I would (and have) highly recommended giving it a look, especially for those who haven’t found success with other treatments. It is definitely a process, but by dedicating the time, it helps in cultivating sustainable mindset that you can carry on after the treatment is over.”

“I would recommend TMS for treatment-resistant depression. I base this on available information in the literature and the lack of significant side effects of TMS.”

“Definitely try it and give it time to work. When all else fails, this is very different from any other treatment I’ve experienced. It seems to work on a fundamental, structural level to address the biology of depression.”

“They should try it. It works really well for most people!” 

“I strongly recommend it. It’s worth the time commitment!”

Key Takeaway: If you are not having adequate results from psychotherapy and medications, TMS is an effective treatment option.


What are some of the pros/cons of TMS?

Fast and aggressive treatment. Side effect free. Cons are just the time commitment, which wasn’t a big deal.”   

“I have nothing but good things to say about my time at Mid City. Dr. Bruno, Cathy, and Nick were fantastic throughout the process and I really appreciate the time I’ve spent here. Thank you!”

“Pro – treatments are easily performed and tolerated well without pain and discomfort.
Con – Frequency and number of treatments.”

“Pros: Lifts mood, most people seem to experience dramatic change, no memory loss, doesn’t hurt, and you get to watch cable while you do it!

Cons: initial headaches.”

Key Takeaway: Although TMS involves a time commitment from patients, it is usually free of side effects and the results are substantial.


How would you rate your experience at Mid City TMS, including the staff and facilities?

Super satisfied and grateful for the excellent care. Nick and Kathy are amazing, dedicated, and made my sessions fly by quickly. Dr. Bruno is very caring, conscientious, and knowledgeable!”

“Facilities are clean, cool, and comfortable. Staff is so warm and inviting and supportive. Also truly appreciated Dr. Bruno following up with me every week.”

“Excellent overall. Very well organized. No significant wait time for treatments. Dr. Bruno coordinated his office visitor treatment schedule. The staff are excellent in all regards. Cathy and Rick are professional, courteous, patient, and supportive.”

Wonderful. Professional, personable, easy to talk with, welcoming people, etc.”

Better experience than any doctor or treatment plan I’ve had.”


Key Takeaway: With a dedicated and caring staff, Mid City TMS delivers treatment in an organized manner and comfortable setting.


Anything else you would like to add or comment on?

“Dr. Bruno is a lifesaver. Best psychiatrist I’ve seen out of several, and the staff here are amazing, caring, and helpful.”

“I am deeply appreciative of Dr. Bruno’s insights, guidance, empathy and professional manner.”

“It will be a loss not to see Dr. Bruno, Cathy, and staff anymore. Delightful, charming people.”


Let Mid City TMS Help You Today

Dr. Bruno has been life changing in helping hundreds of people successfully treat their mental health conditions with TMS. If you are suffering from depression, contact Mid City TMS and get started on a permanent path towards a brighter future with our NYC TMS treatments.

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