Mental Health Resources for TMS Patients

Mental Health Resources for TMS Patients

Living life with mental health conditions is undeniably difficult, especially when you don’t know where to go for help and support. At Mid City TMS, our support for our patients’ mental well-being doesn’t stop once you’re out of the office. We recognize that coping with depression and anxiety is challenging, so we’ve outlined a few resources and organizations outside our office that you can utilize to enhance your treatment at Mid City TMS.


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, or DBSA, provides information on depression and bipolar disorder, online tools, and support groups across the United States to sufferers of mood disorders. This is a group of people who live with these disorders on a daily basis, coming together to support, encourage, and educate each other and seek wellness. They offer support not just for those dealing with depression, but also for family and friends.


The National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the largest scientific organization in the world dedicated to mental health research. It funds research “to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, paving the way for prevention, recovery, and cure.” The NIMH offers a number of resources for patients dealing with depression and anxiety,


Anxiety and Depression Association of America

The ADAA is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing, treating, and curing anxiety and depression related disorders through education, resources, and support for people seeking treatment. The ADAA offers a network of support groups for individuals suffering from these debilitating disorders, making them a great resource for defeating depression and alleviating anxiety.


Mood Disorders Support Group

The Mood Disorders Support Group (MDSG) is a non-profit that is dedicated to supporting individuals with depression and bipolar disorder, as well as their families and friends. MDSG is a New York-based organization that offers peer support, treatment strategies, education, resources, and more to a range of people suffering from different psychiatric disorders. They believe in dispelling the stigma that surrounds mood disorders by educating patients and the general public.


Mid City TMS – Always Here to Help

Besides these incredible organizations, our office is always available to aid anyone in need of help in managing and curing their anxiety and depression. Our TMS treatment services offer long-term, effective way to improve the lives of those affected by these disorders. If you or someone you know if suffering from depression or anxiety, don’t hesitate to contact us now and get on the path towards a brighter tomorrow, today.

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