The History of the Clinical TMS Society: TMS NYC and Beyond

The History of the Clinical TMS Society: TMS NYC and Beyond

Dr. Bryan Bruno, founder of Mid City TMS, is not only active in the TMS NYC community, but he is also a founding member of the international organization Clinical TMS Society. This Society is a professional association made up of the best TMS practitioners around the globe. Now in its seventh year, the Clinical TMS Society is dedicated to furthering the development of TMS, helping professionals stay current on cutting-edge TMS research, and increasing awareness of the benefits of TMS.

What Does the Clinical TMS Society Do?

The Clinical TMS Society was founded in 2013. Although a relatively young organization, the Clinical TMS Society has grown greatly over the last few years; their first annual conference was attended by 134 individuals, and now, five years later, over 500 people regularly attend.

The Clinical TMS Society aims to provide members with the latest in research and developments with all things TMS, from treating mental illnesses other than depression to seeing how TMS operates in a zero gravity environment. Since TMS is a relatively new procedure, there is always a lot of information for researchers and clinicians to discover about the many benefits of this treatment.

Another one of the Clinical TMS Society’s goals is to expand insurance coverage for TMS. Although most insurance companies cover TMS for depression, it can be more difficult to get TMS coverage for other mental illnesses, such as obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorders. This is partially because TMS is only FDA approved currently for treating depression. By expanding the body of research on how TMS can improve a variety of mental illnesses beyond depression, the Clinical TMS Society hopes to one day help all patients who do or could benefit from TMS receive medical coverage.

The Clinical TMS Society also aspires to raise awareness of TMS. When searching for treatments for their chronic conditions — be it depression, OCD, or anxiety — many practitioners and patients do not consider TMS, even though other treatments are often not as effective or safe.

TMS NYC And Beyond

Although TMS NYC is Dr. Bryan Bruno’s home base, he is active in the international TMS community, too. Dr. Bruno became one of the founding members of the Clinical TMS Society because he believes strongly in the Society’s principles of expanding public knowledge of and accessibility to TMS, allowing TMS providers across the globe to effectively share their discoveries with one another, and expanding research of TMS.

Dr. Bruno remains active in the Society to this day, including by participating every year in the annual meeting and each month in its educational webinars. These are just a few of the many ways that Dr. Bruno ensures his TMS NYC practice is up-to-date with the latest research, clinical guidelines, and effective practices.

What Our TMS NYC Practice Can Do For You

If you have been searching for a TMS NYC facility to help you with your depressive symptoms, look no further than Dr. Bryan Bruno’s Mid City TMS. Since Dr. Bruno is a founding and engaged member of the Clinical TMS Society, you can be certain that your TMS NYC doctor is knowledgeable about all of the most recent developments in the TMS field. Contact us today to learn more about how Dr. Bruno’s best TMS practices can help you.

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